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Bring It On Life!

30 Jan

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Lets face it, life happens. Things don’t always go the way you want them to, but it is not what happens to you, it is how you handle the situation. You have two options when things go wrong: 1. You can be sad, mope around all day, and make everyone else feel bad for you, or 2. You can buck up and move on!
There comes a point in time where you cannot handle what happens to you, you can only decide how you are going to deal with that situation. Wake up. Put your big girl “game time” panties on. Live life with a positive attitude and inspire/encourage someone to do the same!

Bring It On Life



24 Jan


My entire life I have constantly had to prove myself. I had to prove I was going to make a great CrossFit Coach. I had to prove I was going to be a loving girlfriend. I had to prove that I was capable of doing prescribed loads in a workout and could hang with the big dogs. I had to prove I could live on my own. It’s been a long road of fighting for what I want, and everyday I still continue to fight. It has made me who I am. Nothing in life has ever been handed to me, I have had to work my ass off to get where I wanted to go. To this day, I still continue the fight. I fight hard and I fight long to turn my dreams into reality.


21 Jan

One of the things I love about CrossFit is the mantra “leave your ego at the door.” During any workout it is always you against yourself; being the best person you can be. Lately, I have seen lots of egos pop up here and there throughout the gym. Whether it is not scaling due to an injury, miscounting reps cheating themselves, or simply not listening to their coach while they are trying to explain the workout of the day.

To be direct, when you walk into the gym you are no better than anyone else. Whether you are a competitor or starting day one of on-ramp, expectations remain the same; work fucking hard, do your best, be kind to others, coaches, and yourself, and be HONEST! Don’t sell yourself short! Be humble, be diligent, be virtuous!


Crossfit and Cheering

13 Jan

CrossFit is a unique sport. Unlike any other athletic competition, in CrossFit everyone is a cheerleader not only for themselves, but also for the person next to them. CrossFitters are responsible for pushing their neighbor, for letting them know that they can do more and go outside their comfort zone. CrossFitters stay until the last person finishes; cheering them on to move faster and do their very best. CrossFitters hold their friends and fellow teammates accountable when they fail to attend a class. CrossFit is not just about you. CrossFit is about the community, it is about support, pride, competition, and motivation. CrossFit is caring about your classmates, pushing them to achieve more, and accomplishing your goals together!


No More BS

8 Jan

Life is hard.
We all have our own problems and struggles that we carry on our shoulders day to day. I’ve been crossfitting for 3 years now and crossfit has been my saving grace. It gives me the ability to let go of life’s difficulties and focus on me. After 3..2..1.. Go nothing else is on my mind except doing the very best I can. I sweat. I yell. I push myself to get in one more rep. But the last thing I do is think about the bullshit in life.
Crossfit is my happy place. I want to encourage the athletes at my gym to do the same. Leave your bullshit in your car, come in the gym and work your ass off. No more excuses. No more I cants. You pay to come here. Make the most out of your dollar and push yourself to that next level- get out of your comfort zone. This will not only help you in the gym but also in life. Show up, work hard and do your best. Make this your happy place!



6 Jan

Results or Excuses
ex·cuse (k-skyz)
tr.v. ex·cused, ex·cus·ing, ex·cus·es
1. a. To explain (a fault or an offense) in the hope of being forgiven or understood

Excuses are something I hear on a daily basis, whether it is why eating paleo or sticking to their diet is hard or why they cannot make it to their workout, either way whatever they were trying to accomplish it didn’t get done due to laziness. My coach always tells me this, “Excuses are like butt holes everyone has one and they all stink.”

In life, no matter what it is that you want, it takes hard f***ing work! If you do not put it the time or effort you will not see the end result. Nothing in life is given to you for free. It all comes at a cost, even if that cost is time. Next time you are considering laziness as an option ask yourself this: What are you trying to accomplish? Is what you are doing at this very moment helping you accomplish that goal? Get up, start your day, and work f***ing HARD at what it is that you want, excuses are no longer an option!

Primal Paleo & Zone

3 Jan

With the new year comes new exercise routines and a new way of eating for many people. A popular diet (and one I have been following for three years) this year is the paleo diet. But what is paleo?


The paleo diet essentially allows lean meats, fish, veggies, some fruit, tree nuts (not peanuts) and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. This excludes… grains, legumes, white potatoes, dairy, and corn. Think about it this way… the things that are excluded are the food items that people are more often allergic to or just have issues digesting. White potatoes and corn just turn into sugar.

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 Another diet/lifestyle that is closely associated with paleo is Primal.


The primal plan allows foods like the paleo diet, but includes some dairy. Such as creams, butter, greek yogurts, and some cheese (but don’t go overboard).

  1. The Definitive Guide to the Primal Eating Plan –
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There is also the Zone diet, this one can be done with the two diets listed above.


This plan is much more rigid. There is weighing and measuring and lots of planning to this one because each meal or snack is in blocks. You have to really lay your meals out ahead of time. This is great for a person who wants to really watch everything they eat and is organized. It does allow for some grains, but some people will choose to do a cross of paleo/zone. This would exclude the grains and only include for the paleo foods. I am honestly not as familiar with this one. I am not organized enough to try it really!

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A couple good resources about eating right –

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