6 Jan

Results or Excuses
ex·cuse (k-skyz)
tr.v. ex·cused, ex·cus·ing, ex·cus·es
1. a. To explain (a fault or an offense) in the hope of being forgiven or understood

Excuses are something I hear on a daily basis, whether it is why eating paleo or sticking to their diet is hard or why they cannot make it to their workout, either way whatever they were trying to accomplish it didn’t get done due to laziness. My coach always tells me this, “Excuses are like butt holes everyone has one and they all stink.”

In life, no matter what it is that you want, it takes hard f***ing work! If you do not put it the time or effort you will not see the end result. Nothing in life is given to you for free. It all comes at a cost, even if that cost is time. Next time you are considering laziness as an option ask yourself this: What are you trying to accomplish? Is what you are doing at this very moment helping you accomplish that goal? Get up, start your day, and work f***ing HARD at what it is that you want, excuses are no longer an option!


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