No More BS

8 Jan

Life is hard.
We all have our own problems and struggles that we carry on our shoulders day to day. I’ve been crossfitting for 3 years now and crossfit has been my saving grace. It gives me the ability to let go of life’s difficulties and focus on me. After 3..2..1.. Go nothing else is on my mind except doing the very best I can. I sweat. I yell. I push myself to get in one more rep. But the last thing I do is think about the bullshit in life.
Crossfit is my happy place. I want to encourage the athletes at my gym to do the same. Leave your bullshit in your car, come in the gym and work your ass off. No more excuses. No more I cants. You pay to come here. Make the most out of your dollar and push yourself to that next level- get out of your comfort zone. This will not only help you in the gym but also in life. Show up, work hard and do your best. Make this your happy place!



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