24 Apr

Sometimes, we wake up and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed; but you do and you make your way to the gym. On your way someone cuts you off, you hit every red light, and now you are late for class; perfect equation for a bad mood. The workout on the board is all of your goats and your double unders in the warm up aren’t stringing together. The coach tries to help you but all you can do is lash out. You are frustrated, frustrated your morning isn’t going the way you had planned. As the workout continues all you can think about is last nights fight with your significant lover and you take it out on everyone else around you.
I see this a lot inside the gym. You can tell on someones face how they are feeling, and when they speak there is a bitter tone in their voice. As a coach, we have these days as well. We are human just like everyone else. But this is a friendly reminder to all out there who have lashed out on someone while they were trying to workout, myself included, be kind. Be kind to those around you, be kind to those who try to help you. When you are wrong apologize, maybe you’re not sorry for what you said but how you said it, apologize, show love, and be kind to one another.
We only get one life, take each day with a grain of salt. Don’t turn your happy place into a place of dismay. Leave your shit at the door before you come into the gym, have fun, and treat everyone with kindness. You never know what they are going through, we are all human.




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