About Heather

For as long as I can remember I have always been active. I started out at a young age in gymnastics classes and had dreams to one day become a collegiate cheerleader. Little did I know that 9 years of my life would later be devoted to cheerleading at all levels including 3 years as a Ball State University cheerleader. I left Ball State after my junior year in college and moved back home to Bloomington, Indiana where I completed my degree in Communications.

After my cheerleading glory days were over I was glued to the elliptical machine attempting to maintain my fitness. I would spend hours on that machine listening to my Ipod, reading books and magazines, trying to make time go by. I would leave the gym the same way I walked in, nice and clean not even breaking a sweat. Oh and not to mention- I had never step foot in the weight room, weights were scary, and only guys lift weights right? WRONG!

Thanksgiving of 2010 my twin sister came home for the holidays and introduced me to CrossFit. She endured my first workout with me and I was hooked. I found Shaun and Jenna at Hoosier CrossFit right before the first of the year and got started with On Ramp, yes- I too took on ramp! I started group classes and my first paleo challenge January of 2011 and my life was forever changed. Shaun and Jenna took me under their wings and made me a great athlete and I have since to plateau.

The more I continued to CrossFit and spend time around the gym I found a undying passion not only for CrossFit but more specifically for Hoosier CrossFit. Shaun and Jenna saw the passion and dedication I have towards the community and the sport, and since have turned me into a hard working CrossFit trainer.

As an athlete, I haven’t stopped. I have big goals and I am not going to reach them sitting on the couch. Even when ‘life’ gets in the way, I use my workouts as motivation to push through the hard part and just keep going.




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